Yolounda & Sierra Tyus

April 20, 2016

Larry Williams is a caring and well informed realtor. My husband and I met Mr. Williams a few years ago. We both feel that he has been nothing but courteous and always professional. Mr. Williams is very hands on and he does what he needs to do make himself accessible at all times.

Private Client

March 6, 2016

I have known Larry for 3 years. Larry Williams is a general in the real estate world. My family and I connected with Larry Williams during a time when the economy had failed. However, Larry put his expertise into high gear and introduced us to the Lease Purchase program. As a business owner, it changed our lives. Larry Williams is very professional and helpful to his clients.

Janet & Bruce Baron

November 14, 2015

Dear Larry,

Bruce and I would like to thank you for your efforts in finding us a new home. It was a big step for us because we had lived in the same house for almost 30 years. We had a few ideas about what we were looking for in our new home, but it seemed that our priorities changed from week to week the more houses we looked at. You very patiently listened to our observations and comments and came up with several new properties for us to look at each week. You took the time to preview dozens of houses before presented us with the ones you thought would fit our requirements. In the end I thing we surprised ourselves as well as you by choosing a home on a pond, a feature we didn’t think was important to us until we stood in the kitchen and looked out over the water.
You explained the whole buying process, step by step, the myriad of forms that were to be signed, and you responded quickly at all our calls and questions. We will never know all the work that went on behind the scenes, but we do know that everything went smoothly from the beginning to the end and feel very fortunate to have had this association with you.


Janet Baron

New Styled, Staged & Sold: 4 Ways to Makeover a Master Bedroom

We came across this interesting post & had to share it with you…


4 Ways to Makeover a Master Bedroom

By Melissa Dittmann Tracey, REALTOR® Magazine

Only 2 percent of more than 1,700 home owners say they have achieved their design vision in their homes, according to a survey by the remodeling website Houzz (2014 Houzz Decorating Trends Survey). And the master bedroom is where many say they still have a lot of work to do.

Here are a few ways home owners are planning to enhance their master bedrooms:

New headboard.

You can really showcase a bed by adding a headboard. A headboard can help dress up a bed and make a bigger statement in the master bedroom. Eighty-eight percent of the more than 1,700 home owners surveyed say they are installing a headboard in their master bedroom. Fifty-one percent of remodeling home owners are opting for a headboard with no footboard; while 37 percent are planning on both a headboard and footboard.

New bedding and coverings.

Sometimes all it takes is new bedding to give a master bedroom a completely new look. Nearly 30 percent of remodeling home owners say they’re going to choose floral fabrics for their master bedrooms. Solid fabrics remain the most popular choice.

Add a seating area.

Create more of a serene setting by adding seating to the master bedroom, even if it’s just one upholstered chair in the corner with a throw pillow. Nearly two-thirds of remodeling home owners say they’re creating living rooms in their master bedrooms with seating (such as chairs, loveseat or chaise lounge); a fireplace; or even a mini fridge (8%).

Accent wall.

Paint can make a big difference. Stark white walls can make a room look sophisticated and modern. But some home owners are still preferring the accent wall, in which one wall is painted a more vibrant color. About 52 percent of remodeling home owners say they plan to add an accent wall to their master bedroom. It’s a way to get a pop of color without too much commitment.

Our Road To Luxury Home Sales

The Williams Team absolutely loves searching for and scheduling showings for luxury homes. Mostly because each of us dream of living in our own sooner than later. The architecture of a beautifully designed luxury residential estate takes our breath away.  We’ve always wanted to specialize in Luxury Real Estate for a while now, but didn’t know the steps to take. Therefore, Larry took a short trip to Colorado for training at the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. After two days of in-depth training, Larry Williams received his Certificate of Completion for Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist Training.


About The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing:

Founder & CEO:

Laurie Moore-Moore

Laurie has been doing residential real estate for about 30 years and counting. She’s been teaching luxury real estate all over the country. Her skills have helped so many realtors succeed in the Luxury Real Estate market.

What They Do:

The Institute exists to help real estate professionals provide high quality service to the buyers and sellers of luxury homes and in so doing, maximize their own success in the upper-tier residential market.

Membership Benefits:

Completing The Institute’s CLHMS training not only helps you build and fine tune your skills, it makes you a member of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing (ILHM), increasing your visibility and credibility with affluent buyers and sellers and helping you brand yourself as a luxury expert.

As a Member You Receive: FREE profile in our online Member Directory, Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS) designation, FREE “My Market Graphs” software, FREE downloadable logos, FREE videos, and more!

Learn more information about the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing by visiting their website here.


With qualified training all the way from Colorado, Larry is more than happy to sell your luxury home the smart way!


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Sources: http://www.luxuryhomemarketing.com/real-estate-agents/home.html


Marianne Yousif
Executive Assistant
Social Media Marketer

Leader Dogs for the Blind Celebrates 75 Years

Leader Dogs for the Blind celebrated their 75th Anniversary! With warm welcomes from CEO & President Susan M. Daniels to hysterical jokes from L. Brooks Paterson (Oakland County Executive), Leader Dogs for the Blind rocked their event. A special presentation was held by Jim Platzer and his “angel on 4 legs.” A meet and greet with volunteers & Leader Dogs followed by a campus tour were presented afterwards.

On April 4, 1939 on a small farm in Rochester Hills, MI – Leader Dogs for the Blind was formed. It was originally called Lions Leader Dogs for the Blind. Today, they train 300 dogs a year with about 130 employees. Training a Leader Dog takes about 6-12 months. Nearly 15,000 clients have been trained with a Leader Dog.

Training Center
Training Center
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Special guest Jim Platzer shared his story and how Leader Dogs for the Blind made a difference in his life. At a young age, Platzer noticed that he was a lot different than other kids around him. He was unable to see in the dark. As time went by, Jim’s sight became worse. That’s when he soon discovered that he was battling with an eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa. In 2004, Jim Platzer was legally blind.

Leader Dogs for The Blind trained Platzer and gave him his precious angel Maddie. Jim Platzer’s life changed. Below is a picture of Platzer and Maddie.


To learn more about Leader Dogs for the Blind, you can visit their website by clicking  here.


Marianne Yousif
Executive Assistant
Social Media Marketer

Top 5 Ways to Treat Clients Like Royalty


Imagine yourself walking into a restaurant and being treated like royalty. The server seats you right away with a smile on his or her face. Takes your order, then may make some recommendations on top meals or soup of the day. Your drink is always filled and your food is delivered to you exactly how you wanted it. To top it off, the waitress or waiter may come to your table quite a few times and even ask you how you are doing, or if they can get you anything else.

If you’re able to rate that restaurants customer service as excellent, you are more likely to go back there and even refer a few people to try them out. Now imagine if your real estate agent did that for you.  Listened, delivered & made you feel good at the end of the day.  You are most likely going to feel confident about your choice in Realtors.You may even refer all of your family and friends to that realtor.

Customer service is one of the top characteristics every person looks for in a business. When a client feels like they’ve been treated top-notch by you or your business, they start gaining trust in you. Some Real Estate agents fail to realize that without their clients, they wouldn’t be in business.  Not providing good enough client service is one of top reasons why Real Estate agents are out of business.

After doing research, I was able to find different tips on how to treat clients in the Real Estate business. You may think these tips are common sense, but think about how often you actually practice these tips with every single one of your clients.

        Top 5 Ways To Treat Clients Like Royalty:

1. Following Up: It is VERY important to follow-up after every client! As a Realtor, it’s best to ask clients for feedback on a property as soon as you finish showing a home. A day after showing thehttp://blogs-images.forbes.com/sundaysteinkirchner/files/2012/08/customer-service.0822.12.jpgm any homes, this is when you’ve learned a lot more about your  client than you knew before. Now you have a good idea of what exactly they are looking for and you’ll be able to eliminate what you think they won’t like in your searches. After sending them any listings, you should ALWAYS contact your client to make sure they’ve received your listings search.

2. Having Patience and a Whole Lot Of It : To have patience with every client is probably the hardest thing, but one of the best characteristics to have in the real estate business. Difficult clients can be frustrating, but we shouldn’t reject them or argue with them. If a pushy client notices your frustration, that’s when your professionalism goes down in their eyes. Try your best to remain as calm as possible when dealing with clients that may add annoyance.

3. Listening to Clients: When clients are looking for a home to buy or trying to sell their home, they want their real estate agent to hear them out. Listening to clients will help not only them, but you as their agent in understanding their needs and wants. Ask questions, and listen to their answers. Even if it involves writing everything they say down so you can look back at it for reference. Poor listening skills may result in losing your clients and that’s never a good thing!


4. Being On Time: Time management is key. Try to always attend a showing or meeting before your client arrives. It’s simply unprofessional to be late to any kind of showing, meeting or closing. For realtors, this becomes an issue due to having such a busy schedule at times. However, if you have great time management skills, you will be appreciated by the majority of your clients.

5. Provide a Helping Hand: Clients love it when their realtor is able to help them get the home of their dreams in every way possible. Show your client how much you care about their business by making sure everything goes smoothly from the beginning of your relationship with your client. For example, if your client needs mortgage advice, direct them to a mortgage broker if they don’t already have one. Referring your clients to insurance agent and inspector is always a good thing too! Remember to always go out of your way to provide a helping hand.

 If you follow these simple steps, you can easily transform your business and attract more clients. Everyone loves to be treated like royalty; especially your clients! When you make them feel like they come first in your business, they are most likely going to appreciate it with loyalty & referrals.
Feel free to share more tips  in a comment below!


Marianne Yousif
Executive Assistant
Social Media Marketer

‘Million Dollar Listing New York’ Stars Visit Royal Oak

Many gathered at Scott Shuptrine of Royal Oak, MI for a special meet and greet with ‘Million Dollar Listing New York’ star Ryan Serhant and his co-star, Luis Ortiz.

The Meet and Greet was held on Saturday, March 15th followed by autograph signing and picture taking with the two stars. Real Estate in Detroit is starting to increase drastically along with New York.  Ryan & Luis shared how the real estate market in New York is higher than its ever been.

About Ryan Serhant:


Ryan was born in Texas on July 2nd, 1984.  At a young age, Serhant moved to New York to pursue an acting career. While staying with two roomates, Ryan got introduced to the real estate market in 2008. He had to do whatever he could at the time to make money and real estate was starting to increase right back up in New York after the recession. His passion for real estate developed, and Serhant is now one of the top sales people in the city.

Serhant is the star of Bravo television series ‘Million Dollar Listing New York,’ that follows his career as a successful real estate salesperson. On April 2nd, they start the kickoff for season 3.

About Luis Ortiz:


Luis Ortiz was born on November 13, 1986 in Puerto Rico. He decided to leave his country to start a new life in New York. Ortiz, being adventurous, started in real estate where he found love for his career immediately. “I like the rush of business. Everyday is different,” Ortiz shared during the Q & A session at Shuptrine.

You can watch Ortiz and a few of his interesting real estate clients on the new season!

 Top 5 Best Real Estate Tips Shared By Ryan & Luis:

1) Furniture Set Up:

  • Ryan: Keep it simple and declutter
  • Luis: Furniture gives a house character. Use colors and leave room for open space.

2) Changes in Home:

  • Ryan: Kitchen. Update the kitchen. Clients love a nice looking kitchen.
  • Luis: I agree. The kitchen is VERY important.

3) Staging:

  • Ryan: Every real estate agent needs an interior designer for staging. I always let my designer, Bridgette give her opinion. I may think it looks one way while she has a completely different look in her head.
  • Luis: I stage every listing. This is very critical and most people don’t do this. You must have imagination. Also keep in mind that the smell of a home is very important!

4) Negotiating:

  • Ryan: One who cares the least holds all the power.
  • Luis: Be on top of things.

5) Achieving Success:

  • Ryan: Work hard. Something my dad told me when I moved to New York that stuck with me was, “Wake up earlier than your roommates, and sleep later than your roommates.”
  • Luis: I never graduated from college and I chose to do real estate because I loved it. Do it because you love it. Don’t do it for the money.

Scott Shuptrine Interiors Royal Oak Gallery did a great job entertaining guests with delicious hors d’oeuvre & champagne. We want to thank them for the surprise drawing that led our Executive Assistant Marianne Yousif to win a $250 gift certificate to shop at Shuptrine. Thank you for the special meet and greet as well!

Million Dollar Listing New York
Million Dollar Listing New York
Marianne Yousif, Ryan Serhant, Larry Williams, Luis Ortiz and India Gragg
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Marianne Yousif
Executive Assistant
Social Media Marketer

Olga Lydia Hernandez

January 28th, 2014

“I can say I have the home of my dreams, even when my family was in a difficult situation. All thanks to the passion and love to his job, Larry you are the best ever! At the beginning, he understood my needs and taste. He showed me all the homes available with those needs. Since I was unable to close at that time, he found a home to rent for me. Then when that time came to buy, he identified all the homes he knew I would like, and showed them to me. But when he found the one he knew I would definitely love, with just some days on the market, he showed it to me and told me, “I have the one”, and there I am now, in my new home with my newborn baby. Thank you so much Larry, eres el mejor (you are the best)!”

Elton & Besmira Nikaj

November 3rd, 2013

Dear Larry,


Thank You!  We may have said this many times, but the longer we live in our home, the more grateful we feel.

Allow me to say what a pleasure and great experience it has been working with you and how much we have appreciated your hard work and care during our quest to find our first home.  And it would be an understatement to say that we love our home, even after all the hard work and frustrations of remodeling.

We had worked with many other real estate agents prior to meeting you, and whilst we felt that many were good, none were Great, until we met you.  I can easily recall the first time we spoke, the first time we met, and the first home we visited.  That was the beginning of a great relationship that continues to this very day and long into the future.

It is difficult to be a first time home buyer!  The pressure is tremendous, the doubts are endless, and the financial commitment is greater than any other.

Your advice and guidance, reflections of your expertise, kept us on the right path of buying a great house.  Your care, second to none, made it an easy and an unforgettable experience.  Trust was key and we found it easy to place it in your hands, something we were not able to do with anyone else before, something you do not easily do in life for that matter.

It is without a doubt who we recommend to anyone and whose name is well known amongst our friends and family.


Elton & Besmira