Marisa Ming & Vem Chuang Testimonial


                                                                                                             January 26, 2013

To Whom It May Concern

I am a satisfied customer of Larry Williams of Real Living/Kee Realty. This is a testimonial about Larry’s efficiency and professionalism in the whole process of selling my home in Lake Orion, Michigan.

The whole process started when I and a friend visited Larry in his Rochester office. He clearly explained the details of the lease/purchase program which was new to me. After listing my home for four days, Larry got a buyer for me. Larry took time to answer questions from both sides on the phone and in meetings. All parties felt comfortable with his answers based on years of experience in the business.  With confidence in him, we signed the contract in no time.

Now the buyers have moved in and we are happily grandparenting in California. There are needs for some phone conversation among the parties during the rental period. Larry is always  ready and willing to clarify  issues between renters and sellers. Two months after our house was sold, I learned that my friend (who attended the first meeting with Larry) also had her house sold by Larry. Again, she was grateful that Larry found her a renter/buyer in two weeks. Thus, this is a letter of recommendation from two clients of Larry Williams.

Larry, keep up the good work and thank you for being so knowledgeable and helpful!




Marisa Ming and Vem Chuang




Cindy and Dan Leckvarcik “December 16, 2008

Dear Larry,

We would like to thank you again for having done such a wonderful job for us. Never in a million years did we think we would be out of our home so fast! In fact we had a problem to resolve because of it; we are taking a cruise over the holidays with all of our family, and since we really beleived we were going nowhere fast, in July, we had booked out airfare out of Detroit! Needless to say, we had to work on getting all that rearranged to be able to fly from our area! But it was a great problem to have.

We have been in contact with the people that bought our home, and they are loving their decision. She e-mailed me that now that she is there, she doesn’t know why she was considering the ranch. So we are pleased that it has worked out for everyone involved.

The best to you and yours this holiday season. Merry Christmas!

Cindy and Dan Leckvarcik


Debra Gatewood “February 23, 2006

Hi Larry,

I’m sorry it took so long to get back with you, but I was waiting for the phone company to connect my service at the new place; however, they took too long.

I just want to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for being so prompt on finding my family a home, we were very pleased with the way you handle your business. When I spoke to you on January 31, I had completely given up and lost all hope on ever finding a house, I thought that we would be homeless, but when I told you about my situation, you were very eager to help, you showed me a side that you don’t see very often, that is a person that CARE about another well being (The GOD side).

For that again I thank you so very much for everything you’ve done to make our lives brighter, you demonstrated true professionalism, a man that knows his business. If you have any questions you can reach me.

Much thanks for caring so much about our well-being.

Debra Gatewood”

John Holland “June 9, 2005

Dear Mr. Williams,

My wife and I would like to thank you for the wonderful work you did in selling our Detroit home. After enduring a negative experience with an Oakland County realtor, we were grateful to have a sense of comfort and trust upon meeting you. The fact that our house sat on the market for four months without a single showing left me discouraged and a little skeptical and bitter toward suburban realtors. You may remember how I bombarded you with a myriad of questions regarding the level of interest and commitment suburban realtors have in selling Detroit homes. I’m sure my wife would appreciate me using this time to thank you for tolerating my initial approach. I have to admit that your patience and willingness to explain how homes are listed turned me around.

Also, we were amazed to see all the advertising options your office uitilize, and impressed with your knowledge of Detroit and the real estate market overall. But most amazing of all is the length of time our house sat on the market. In just two short weeks we had an offer, and it was definitely the result of your efforts. I would recommend you to anyone. In fact, I already have.


John Holland”

Judy and Glenn Watson “November 11, 2005

Dear Larry:

What a roller coaster ride!! We wanted to thank you for your professionalism and friendship. It has been a wonderful alliance. Glenn met you at the Auburn Hills Home Show last spring and you came to talk to us even though it was an hour of driving and no guarantee of being hired. We were so impressed by what Century 21 Town and Country had to offer and your tenacity that we asked you to represent us. We’ve never regretted that decision.

Your excellent marketing got us showing as soon as the house was put on the market. The first two parties to look at the house made offers. WHEW!! Even though the offer we previously accepted did not work out, you worked tirelessly to get additional showings. We had a record 18 showings and another offer in just a few weeks. The second offer closed in two weeks. WE ARE SO PLEASED!!

Thanks for your patience when we called you at odd times of the day and evening and for answering those questions that only someone with your expertise can answer. I noticed at the bottom of your business card that you have a statement that says ‘WE MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE.’ This is true for Glenn and I and for the young couple that bought our home.

Larry, we truly enjoyed working with you.


Glenn Watson
Judy Watson”

Daryl Kress, CRB, SRES “July 5, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

Larry Williams is a full time real estate agent in the office I manage in Troy, Michigan. To say Larry is full-time would be an understatement. Larry works more than full-time in a marketplace that currently provides many challenges. The Michigan marketplace has been impacted tremendously by the existing economic conditions. Most agents are therefore experiencing unusual difficulties in generating income. There is extreme competition for business and the business that exists is down significantly over the past two years. In our office our production through May of 2006 is down 31% from 2005 and 38% from 2004. In this environment business is extremely difficult to convert. Buyers are taking much longer to make decisions, anticipating that prices might even fall further, and Sellers are discovering that their properties are taking much longer to sell. In a highly competitive environment like Real Estate Sales, there is an extremely harsh impact on agent income.

Several further complications to Mr. Williams’ income situation are the fact that he is rather new to the business (less than 2 years) and much of the business he is generating is from a Costco company referral souce in which 35% referral fee mush be paid back to Costco. Most agents take a minimum of 3 to 5 years to establish a sound business in a normal marketplace.

Mr. Williams is perhaps the hardest working agent in our office and his continued perseverance will definitely result in future success, but for the time being he will undoubtedly continue to be challenged by the circumstances of the marketplace.


Daryl Kress, CRB, SRES
Branch Manager
Century 21 Town & Country
4820 Rochester Road
Troy, MI 48085″

Yun Bai-West & David S. West “June 14, 2010

To those who may concern,

We are writing this letter about our dedicated real estate agent, Larry Williams. We found Larry during online surfing, looking for our new home in November 2009.

The first time we contacted Larry and explained on the phone what we were looking for, he was very friendly and knowledgeable. We scheduled an appointment to look at a few houses for that weekend. I have to say, my husband and I are not the “easy” kind of customers. We had lots of requirements and limitations. Larry was very patient and supportive. He is always there when we try to reach him, weekends and even late evenings. He is very experienced and dedicated to his work. We felt very comfortable talking to him, asking questions or add demands.

After Seven months of Larry’s continuants patience and hard work, we finally found our home on June 4th, 2010. We are very grateful for having such a wonderful agent who was always there for us and always worked around our schedule. He answers his phone almost every time we call, no matter what time it is. If he is unable to answer, he immediately returns the call. We see him now more like a friend than just a real estate agent. We will recommend Larry to anyone our there who is looking for their dream home. Your dream will come true if you have Larry on your side!

Thank you, Larry. You are the best!!!

Sincerely yours,

Yun Bai-West & David S. West”