Elton & Besmira Nikaj

November 3rd, 2013

Dear Larry,


Thank You!  We may have said this many times, but the longer we live in our home, the more grateful we feel.

Allow me to say what a pleasure and great experience it has been working with you and how much we have appreciated your hard work and care during our quest to find our first home.  And it would be an understatement to say that we love our home, even after all the hard work and frustrations of remodeling.

We had worked with many other real estate agents prior to meeting you, and whilst we felt that many were good, none were Great, until we met you.  I can easily recall the first time we spoke, the first time we met, and the first home we visited.  That was the beginning of a great relationship that continues to this very day and long into the future.

It is difficult to be a first time home buyer!  The pressure is tremendous, the doubts are endless, and the financial commitment is greater than any other.

Your advice and guidance, reflections of your expertise, kept us on the right path of buying a great house.  Your care, second to none, made it an easy and an unforgettable experience.  Trust was key and we found it easy to place it in your hands, something we were not able to do with anyone else before, something you do not easily do in life for that matter.

It is without a doubt who we recommend to anyone and whose name is well known amongst our friends and family.


Elton & Besmira